Vanity Angel X Coffee Addict


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Hey guys! Time flies so fast and I thought of sharing two of newest illustrations 🙂 I was so happy that I was able to make personal illustrations even though I work as a Fulltime Freelance illustrator in a company in New York (although I work straight from home, I still have my hopes and prayers of joining the team in our headquarters in NY.) So wish me luck! And I’ll do my best for sure 😉

To start, let me share to you the illustration that I made for Vanity Teen and I used Lionel by Dario Castillo Photography as my reference image (since he also works for Vanity Teen)



I had fun making the feathers and ofcourse, trying to make a modern fantasy art at the same time 🙂

the next one is my second entry for The Epics Championship and the topic “Hot Beverages” was assigned to me.


I had fun making these illustrations and promise, there’ll be more in the future 😉

iPhone cases for these designs will be available soon! so be sure to check my updates from time to time 😉





Princess Bubblegum Pop

Princess Bubblegum Pop

An Adventure Time Fanart

I don’t watch Adventure Time but among all the characters, Princess Bubblegum seems to be a fun and a loving one . Even my classmates and friends adore her, that’s why, I decided to make a sketch of this young princess and i then thought of coloring it.

Since I dont watch her show, I imagine her as a wacky princess who secretes bubbles instead of sweat and loves to run around looking for Finn. She loves to wear her crown all day and be in a very beautiful violet gown all the time.

Made in Adobe Illustrator CS5.


Close Ups


Final Image


Thanks for viewing this post! ❤


Illustrator’s Tip: Organize your layers



Starting today, i’ll be giving out simple tips on how you can be more productive as an illustrator, based from my day-to-day experiences and passion as I go through the ups and downs of creativity. Hope you’ll be with me til the end. 🙂

Organize your layers

So you’re in the middle of your art project and you’ve been really busy with your plans and putting them into your art and there will be times that you will be ignoring your layers. Try to look at the image below.


The layers don’t have unique names, some of them are not even grouped together. So for my first simple tip:

always try your best to arrange the layers of your artboard.

When arranging layers, please take note of the following things:

    • Give your layers a unique name
    • Group relevant layers together
    • Arrange them appropriately based on their layer positions.
    • Learn to lock layers if you think that they are in the right place already so they will not be moved anymore.

Take a look at the image below. Side A is the part where the layers were not arranged and the other one has been arranged prior to the needs of the artist.


Notice the layers of Side B:


All the elements found there were named appropriately and relevant elements were even grouped together, which will give the artist a more efficient way of moving things for example and thus, improving the workflow.

The strokes of the selected grouped elements will have a colored outline which will depend on the assigned color of your layer.

Useful hint: to change the assigned color of the layer, simply double click on the layer and a pop up window will come out and from there, you can go to the colored box and select your desired color.See the image below.


Now, let’s take a look at Side A where the layers were not organized properly.


It will be very much difficult for you to determine which layer is which as all the names are similar: from <Path>, <Group>, etc. This will be not a problem if you have a small art project with small elements. But what if you have tons of elements on your artboard already, with backgrounds, and other miscellaneous things.

For example, I want to move the bird on top of the rock. Since you want to maintain the position of the elements, from its eyes, feathers, body, beak, you would actually want to move the whole thing together so you’ll be able to preform your task correctly. If you’re dealing with the similar structure on your layers such as the image below:


Then there’s still a need for you to select all parts of the bird and you can simply use the Selection Tool (V) to help you out.


But when it comes to this, you will also be selecting other elements that you don’t want to be part of the bird and you will still find more effort in deselecting them and there will also be possibilities that you will not be able to select all the necessary things that you need to get and thereby taking a little of your time which can cause delays for production.

Closing words

The things that the artist is doing on their digital art boards can reflect the personality of the artist himself as a person but at the same time, it can also be an agent for practice for self improvement especially when it comes to organization. When you master the art of organizing your digital layers, then you can eventually put it into your day to day life experiences which can help you more as a person.

Remember this especially when you are in the freelance industry where your clients need the raw files. You would not want them to have an AI file with unorganized layers, right? Smile


More simple tips soon!



Skeeper | The Art of JC Roxas

Wildflower: Walkthrough

“She’s a free and gentle flower growing wild.”

It all started with one sketch and I immediately fell in love with the idea and I decided to put it into art. I am fond of drawing girls with crazy hair on my sketchpad and I was eager enough to color it originally for the monthly topic in our club called “Children’s Illustrators” on but decided not to submit this due to the partial nudity of the picture. While making this project, I remembered Martin Nievera’s song called Wildflower and so I decided to name this after that song, which is very dear to me.
Made in Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Final Image

iPhone cases also available! Grab one at my Society6 store 🙂


Cover Art

Thank you very much!




Early Morning Walks: Lake Bled


For a serene and soothing place like Bled in Slovenia, you will never wonder as to why your body wakes up very early in the morning, even if your body clock is not used to the European time, every day.

For as much as I want to sleep, I am always eager to open my day as I breathe in the chilly but comforting wind from our hotel room’s balcony. After doing a series of stretching, I usually rush to the bathroom and  have a steamy bath and prepare myself before my early morning walk routine around the lake.


I can still remember when I first saw the lake with my own eyes. I felt that everything seems to be just a part of the fairy tale that I usually think. The surrounding’s so serene, the cold water is so calm and creates a magnificent image of reflection of the things around it and the cold and chilly wind can really help you soothe your tired and restless body after your long trip.

Benches are usually placed just around the area of the lake. I suggest that you take a good rest for a while and enjoy the magnificent view from there and think of happy thoughts that can fuel your experiences with a solid and strong foundation of optimism for your entire stay in Slovenia.


I love to think as much as I love to imagine. And to make my stay there more fun, I tried exploring the whole place just by walking. Although bike rentals are also available for a reasonable price (3.5 Euros for every hour), I always think that whenever I walk, I will be able to see closely the beauty of the things around me, and that’s the reason why I chose to walk only.



Magical Facts

Lake Bled is also the home of the picturesque and the majestic thousand-year-old Bled Castle.


For fairy tale lovers like me, this place can give you a glimpse and taste of what it feels like to see a real life castle where you can randomly imagine thousand knights guarding the centuries-old castle, hear the cries of the people in the dungeon seeking for help, a prince charming trying to save the princess from the fire breathing dragon and the things that exaggerates the stories that we usually read and hear. Well, whenever I think of those things, I just tell myself that this is part of my creative training.

Lake Bled is also the home of the Church which can be found at the center of the lake. I will be giving detailed notes and pictures of the two in my next blog posts. 🙂

As the days pass by, I usually see myself exploring a new place around the lake. I try to walk as vigilant as possible, and to check every thing that I can see that catches my interests without ignoring the excitement that I always carry with me and one of which is the array of cute ducks.


These ducks are everywhere. You can either way see them while they are resting, swimming, flying or eating the crumbs of bread from the excited tourists visiting the lake too.


As I move along, I’ve more interesting things worth remembering. Bled in general has so many things to offer especially when you want to see change from the usual things that you see.


One of the most interesting things that I learned from my visit here is that, Slovenes are really close to nature that they try not to harm the environment whenever they need a new passage for cars for example or just a parking space. Look at the picture above for example. I believe that some people will try to remove the big rock from the mountain so they can pave a new road for cars and other land vehicles. But instead of doing that, they tried to combine creativity and function and they both worked together with each other. One thing that I also learned from the Secretary general of the Philippines in Slovenia after my tour with him is that, there is a series of underground parking areas in Ljubljana (the capital city of Slovenia), just because they don’t want to cut the trees just for the parking areas. And I really adore the Slovenes for that way of thinking.


The roads here are sooo clean. Trash bins are usually found in every kilometer in the walk trail.




If you want to visit Slovenia, make sure to visit Bled and check out the Lake. 🙂 More blog posts coming soon. c:



Working with kids

This week was a bit crazy and fun! I just arrived from my 20+ hours travel and did not even have a decent sleep up until now. (Btw, I’m writing this with both my eyes half close =p]

Well anyway, I was happy that I was able to participate in our Institutional Peace Camp again and it was really a fun experience for me and with everyone else too, I believe.

2012-03-26 14.15.56

I was handling the elementary students with 3 other facilitators. If my thoughts are still in tact, I guess I made that picture during one of the earliest activities that we had. This drawing showed my vision of Peace, where I vision it as the thing that open our minds to equality (either by race, nationality, sexuality, color, gender, etc)

2012-03-26 14.15.47

Ofcourse, im really amazed with what the kids were doing that time. We only gave them 15 minutes for the activity but it took us for about 30 minutes to finish everything, not because they don’t have the ideas, but they are passionate enough to do more and share what they envision and how they see peace. it’s something worth remembering.

2012-03-26 14.57.23

The final output. I love their drawings. ❤

2012-03-26 14.09.53

2012-03-26 16.50.24

2012-03-26 14.09.35

I always adore how children work. I can really see their enthusiasm and their passion especially when they are working with some people.

2012-03-26 16.37.41

So to cut the story short (I am now hungry hehe), I would just like to share my thoughts whenever I see them work.

Each student offers his/her uniqueness that adds so much to the diverse thoughts of their generation. Not only with their artistic crafts and sides, but also, with regards to their ideas when we ask them to share something.

It’s a good thing to know also that they also want to know and learn from other people. I know that this will be a good sign that as long as people will stay like this, we will never get lost with our hopes and prayers for peace.

2012-03-28 15.00.14



Art Portfolio Presentation: JCROXAS 2012

Our glorious days as college students in Ateneo de Zamboanga University are about to meet their end, but we will make it sure that we will end it with passion, enthusiasm, faith and prayer (since we still have 3 pending projects due next week).

Last Monday, we had our final art portfolio presentation. Almost all students under the Multimedia and Computer animation program and those under the New Media and Computer Animation program attended the event and the seniors were really nervous that time. But ofcourse, the show must go on.

And I’m going to show to you all, my art portfolio that I presented in public, from the audience up to the 6 invited judges.


Okay. My website is not yet done. I am thinking of redoing everything from scratch, considering that I need to have the formality of a portfolio. Though I received positive feedbacks from others, the thought will still remain as a thought. here’s a snapshot of my webpage.

Click the image to visit



I selected 26 project outputs for the public presentation all from illustrations, logos and brandings, layout and designs and lastly 3D modeling and animation.

The showreel is the summary of the things that I learned inside and outside the class. My presentation is divided into three main categories. The first one is the illustration section which shows my skills as an illustrator. Second part is the layout and designs section which will feature my logo designs, web templates and other layouts. And lastly, the 3d modeling and animation which features my 3D action shot poses, 3D commercials and 3D music videos.

Presented Artworks



That was actually a day to remember.




I want to thank the Lord for making this event a successful one. ❤




AHH! My Eyes V

Ahh! My Eyes  is a personal collection of some of my recent favorite artworks I see  each week.

So let’s celebrate together as we check some amazing artworks below! Be inspired and let these beautiful things rejoice in your eyes.



Eye Candy of the Week

Ad and Penn by =ninaste


Ad and Penn by the very amazing ninaste is really a beautiful artwork. The colors are really intense, showing great emotions from the picture. The details were beautifully made, and thy style of the artist is just so epic!

This is a certified eye candy!

Cheers! May you be inspired by the images here =)



Logo Walkthrough: Page de France

I usually don’t join in logo making contests but I realized that I need to work with my logo types too. I need experiences for such things as branding and design.

I bumped into a particular contest yesterday hosted in a contest database. And in this article, I will be sharing to you my work flow when I made my entry.


About the company

“We are a specialty retail ecommerce business which imports French books from France and sells them online to the French speaking community in the US.”


1. First, I tried dissecting the company. I thought of incorporating books, French-like colors and some things that would best represent France. I then started to sketch and here is what I had for the first time:

2012-02-03 20.46.47

What I had in mind was very simple: I want the Eiffel tower to be part of the book and make it look as if it is really part of the book’s leaves and putting the business name at the other side of the book.


I then inked the outlines and used a custom calligraphic brush just so I can reflect the elegance that I usually see with the French people *giggles* most especially when I see their arts. Here’s the final inked version:


I also thought of leaving it as an inked logo only, but I just decided to color it just so they can have other choices.


I selected a color then changed its blending mode to multiply so when two layers meet, then will produce a different color.  I did this on purpose because I think that it will give more depth to my logo proposal. I then searched for a good logo and found Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen. For me, it’s a really neat font when used properly. Just don’t try to imagine this font with your paper works. You know what I mean. But it’s really a good font especially when we are dealing with “elegance”.

And again, here’s my final entry:


Well, I am not really sure if this is an effective logo for them, but I just want to share my work flow when I made this. But I have hopes for this one. If you have some comments, let’s discuss it here and I’m open for suggestions so I can be better with branding and design.