Hello everyone! It’s me Skeeper! Smile Well, I moved to WordPress from Blogger, partly because, Blogger gave me sooo many experiences already and some of them are kinda… bad and embarrassing so here I am.

Yesterday was really a fun day for me. I started my day with a blood donation activity and as usual, I am happy that my classmates were also supportive with this cause. It feels good to help people Open-mouthed smile

And the Red Cross Zamboanga and Adzu gave us this badge and updated my membership card, I which, they will replace with a PVC ID soon:



The rest of the day went well. Me and my classmates went to Mang Inasal for lunch and immediately went to Astoria Regency to help the Seed Interactive team for the NAO Acquaintance Party coverage. And yes! Here’s a sample of our photobooth picture:


More pictures soon. Maybe Tomorrow Winking smile

It was albeit late when the event ended. I want to end the night with a peaceful sleep, but I still devided to check my emails and deviantArt account, then I found out that I RECEIVED MY SECOND DAILY DEVIATION! Open-mouthed smilead_rainmaker

Im happy that there are some people who think that some of my arts are worth the feature ❤ So thank you! Smile

Well anyway, I need to go now. Take care everyone!