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Missing the young me

Just this afternoon, I decided to buy K-zone again, partly because, I want to experience the excitement of collecting it every month again. But other than that, is a far different story. I miss the feeling of being a kid again.

K-zone has influenced me a lot. I was a dedicated K-zone collector for 3 consecutive years, starting when I was in my freshman year in high school. I can still remember the first time I bought it. It was their July issue, featuring the 6th book of the Harry Potter series.

There’s always a kid in every man’s heart

So, the excitement pushed me to buy this issue:


And yes, there are lots of things happening there! There’s also a special booklet that teaches us to draw some anime characters, like Hibari, Jin Smile





I told myself to start collecting K-zone again! Open-mouthed smile it actually inspires me with my artistic endeavors too Winking smile