I usually don’t join in logo making contests but I realized that I need to work with my logo types too. I need experiences for such things as branding and design.

I bumped into a particular contest yesterday hosted in a contest database. And in this article, I will be sharing to you my work flow when I made my entry.


About the company

“We are a specialty retail ecommerce business which imports French books from France and sells them online to the French speaking community in the US.”


1. First, I tried dissecting the company. I thought of incorporating books, French-like colors and some things that would best represent France. I then started to sketch and here is what I had for the first time:

2012-02-03 20.46.47

What I had in mind was very simple: I want the Eiffel tower to be part of the book and make it look as if it is really part of the book’s leaves and putting the business name at the other side of the book.


I then inked the outlines and used a custom calligraphic brush just so I can reflect the elegance that I usually see with the French people *giggles* most especially when I see their arts. Here’s the final inked version:


I also thought of leaving it as an inked logo only, but I just decided to color it just so they can have other choices.


I selected a color then changed its blending mode to multiply so when two layers meet, then will produce a different color.  I did this on purpose because I think that it will give more depth to my logo proposal. I then searched for a good logo and found Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen. For me, it’s a really neat font when used properly. Just don’t try to imagine this font with your paper works. You know what I mean. But it’s really a good font especially when we are dealing with “elegance”.

And again, here’s my final entry:


Well, I am not really sure if this is an effective logo for them, but I just want to share my work flow when I made this. But I have hopes for this one. If you have some comments, let’s discuss it here and I’m open for suggestions so I can be better with branding and design.