Our glorious days as college students in Ateneo de Zamboanga University are about to meet their end, but we will make it sure that we will end it with passion, enthusiasm, faith and prayer (since we still have 3 pending projects due next week).

Last Monday, we had our final art portfolio presentation. Almost all students under the Multimedia and Computer animation program and those under the New Media and Computer Animation program attended the event and the seniors were really nervous that time. But ofcourse, the show must go on.

And I’m going to show to you all, my art portfolio that I presented in public, from the audience up to the 6 invited judges.


Okay. My website is not yet done. I am thinking of redoing everything from scratch, considering that I need to have the formality of a portfolio. Though I received positive feedbacks from others, the thought will still remain as a thought. here’s a snapshot of my webpage.

Click the image to visit jcroxas.com



I selected 26 project outputs for the public presentation all from illustrations, logos and brandings, layout and designs and lastly 3D modeling and animation.

The showreel is the summary of the things that I learned inside and outside the class. My presentation is divided into three main categories. The first one is the illustration section which shows my skills as an illustrator. Second part is the layout and designs section which will feature my logo designs, web templates and other layouts. And lastly, the 3d modeling and animation which features my 3D action shot poses, 3D commercials and 3D music videos.

Presented Artworks



That was actually a day to remember.




I want to thank the Lord for making this event a successful one. ❀