This week was a bit crazy and fun! I just arrived from my 20+ hours travel and did not even have a decent sleep up until now. (Btw, I’m writing this with both my eyes half close =p]

Well anyway, I was happy that I was able to participate in our Institutional Peace Camp again and it was really a fun experience for me and with everyone else too, I believe.

2012-03-26 14.15.56

I was handling the elementary students with 3 other facilitators. If my thoughts are still in tact, I guess I made that picture during one of the earliest activities that we had. This drawing showed my vision of Peace, where I vision it as the thing that open our minds to equality (either by race, nationality, sexuality, color, gender, etc)

2012-03-26 14.15.47

Ofcourse, im really amazed with what the kids were doing that time. We only gave them 15 minutes for the activity but it took us for about 30 minutes to finish everything, not because they don’t have the ideas, but they are passionate enough to do more and share what they envision and how they see peace. it’s something worth remembering.

2012-03-26 14.57.23

The final output. I love their drawings. ❤

2012-03-26 14.09.53

2012-03-26 16.50.24

2012-03-26 14.09.35

I always adore how children work. I can really see their enthusiasm and their passion especially when they are working with some people.

2012-03-26 16.37.41

So to cut the story short (I am now hungry hehe), I would just like to share my thoughts whenever I see them work.

Each student offers his/her uniqueness that adds so much to the diverse thoughts of their generation. Not only with their artistic crafts and sides, but also, with regards to their ideas when we ask them to share something.

It’s a good thing to know also that they also want to know and learn from other people. I know that this will be a good sign that as long as people will stay like this, we will never get lost with our hopes and prayers for peace.

2012-03-28 15.00.14