AHH! My Eyes IV

Ahh! My Eyes  is a personal collection of some of my recent favorite artworks I see  each week.

So let’s celebrate together as we check some amazing artworks below! Be inspired and let these beautiful things rejoice in your eyes.


Eye Candy of the Week

Neith01 by *JinkiMania

I just love how Jinki made this piece (as always). The colors are so beautiful, vivid and interesting. OH I just love the color purple with some pinkish glows. You should totally check her whole gallery because she is such an inspiration.

This is a certified eye candy!

Cheers! May you be inspired by the images here =)




Skeeper’s Thoughts: Arts with Simple Backgrounds

I guess that some people will think that arts with detailed backgrounds are much better than those with simple backgrounds. In fact it is true that a beautiful background can give rise to a more beautiful image that an artist is making or an art appreciator is seeing. Backgrounds play a very important role in the arts, be it a photograph, a digital art or a traditional art.

While reviewing my DeviantART message centers, particularly my 18000+ art messages (I failed to check it for 3 weeks I guess), I found a handful of images that were beautifully made and with simple backgrounds. So I thought of sharing my experiences and thoughts about this.

Working with Solid Colors

In Bloom by =stephensheehan

This is the reason why I decided to make a blog post about simple backgrounds. In my own opinion and experiences, pastel-colored backgrounds really look good with pastel-colored subjects. The color #ddd0ad (the background) really helped the subjects to pop out while denoting a weary feel which will eventually turn into hope as denoted by the tiptoed girl and the growing roses around. The background color gives the image a sense that that the whole image was made traditionally, as if it is a plain paper and the water color effects of the brushes and images were fantastically made!


Solid colors are also famous for character vector artists. Solid colors to not distract the eyes of the viewers and thus can give a timely exposure for the character or any subject matter, and the goal of the artist was highly achieved I say! Though, you need to consider working with solid colors for the character too, because if you use too much gradients for the subject and with a solid background, it can become irritating in the eyes. The above example is really a good art. It’s very clean and attractive. See the image below for another example of a great image with solid colors from backgrounds to the colors used in the subject’s composition.

Frankettes by ~theyellowcoyote

50 by *fitz-fitzpatrick

Solid colors can really work with a subject with MANY colors! The above picture is also a great example about how a solid background can make a subject more visible and to pop out more.

Working with background patterns

Aside from solid colors, patterns can also be used for your minimalistic yet beautiful artworks. The examples that I will be showing were also made beautifully.

Claire and Her Wild Hair by ~Setsuna-37

In this picture, the artist chose to use a background with white dots and a bit of flower texture with a lesser opacity and a bit of greenness to fill the whole background. The background is not really that bright, nor it’s not too pale. It just used the same color scheme with that of the subject that made this image really grand and still doesn’t distract the viewer’s eye focus for the subject.

Oh Radio by ~explosivevoice

A little tweak of colors from the picture before this can give a masculine feel in our example above. For this example, the artist chose to use black pattern dots with a yellow color to fill the spaces of the background. The brightness of the background matches well with the whole feeling that the image wants to express.

Working with Textured backgrounds

Another great way to make your simple backgrounds look more fun and pleasing to the eye is to use textures.

Mischief by *dirteaicecream


One of the artists that I adore for the fair and clean use of textures is Christian Torres. In the image above,  I think the artist used the color #b9c7c8 and added a bit of textures to match with the whole style of the image. Though please take note that textures must not take over the whole image. It can be used but you should know the rules when applying textures and one of which is to make sure that you make a clean image even if you used some grungy textures for example. The above image is really clean amidst the presence of the textures there.

slow hands by ~CharlieOvOBubbles

At first, I thought that the artist used a solid color for the background, but after looking at it closely, I realized that there are also some textures or a bit of brush strokes to make a ‘textury’ feel. That was really a creative idea I believe. The background supports the look and feel of the subject in the image. This is also a new example of a wise and clean texture look that can be used as a background.

Working with simple backgrounds on paintings

While checking Matt Khor’s channel on Vimeo, I found this very good tutorial on how to make simple backgrounds for your digital paintings.

His workflow to achieve this kind of effect is really easy and efficient, even if you don’t own a graphics tablet and even if you want to make long strokes for your brushes. The idea is also unique and simple and it’s really a plus! You should try sharing this to your friends too. His channel is really one of the bests.

Here are some of the paintings that I’ve seen with simple backgrounds, but still, beautifully made:


Allison Harvard inspired portrait by ~Cellesria

I shall fix your wing by *hachiyuki

Things to remember

Backgrounds for arts are really important, but using a simple background is just one of the many ways on how to make your arts more beautiful. Simple backgrounds don’t work with all arts too (visually appealing wise) and some just need to have intricate and complex backgrounds, but it is still one of the many options *nods* No mater what you do, just always do your best as an artist. If you think that using simple backgrounds can make your art more beautiful, then do it! But if not, try other things, add some elements and be free, but remember these things:

1. Maintain a balance between your subject and the background.

2. Know your colors and make sure that your colors meet.

3. Know the edges of your work and focus with your workflow as you meet your working space.

I also asked a question for my deviantart watchers: “Do you think that arts with detailed backgrounds are much better than those with solid/pattern/simple backgrounds (visually wise)? “

It depends heavily on the subject. If the subject is highly detailed, and the background is plain, it will stand out. If the background is detailed, and the subject is plain, it will again stand out, but if the subject AND the background are detailed and intricate, it will get lost in the background. ~portuguesemutt

Minimalism is attractive if used properly and using too much detail in the wrong places can distract from the subject/idea. /opinion (I really think less can do more in most cases)  ~Ipodzanyman

How about you? What are your thoughts about the use of Simple backgrounds?



AHH! My Eyes 3

Ahh! My Eyes  is a personal collection of some of my recent favorite artworks I see  each week.

So let’s celebrate together with my new series as we check some amazing artworks below! Be inspired and let these beautiful things rejoice in your eyes.


Eye candy of the Week

His to Protect by ~QueenRebecca

I immediately felt something when I saw this art for the very first time. The colors are so amazing, intense and cheerful.The idea is really great, the glows around some of the objects are really outstanding which give an intense feel throughout the whole scene.

This is a certified eye candy!

Cheers! May you be inspired by the images here =)



AHH! My Eyes 2


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Ahh! My Eyes  is a personal collection of some of my recent favorite artworks I see  each week.

So let’s celebrate together with my new series as we check some amazing artworks below! Be inspired and let these beautiful things rejoice in your eyes.

AHH! My Eyes Part I


Thanks for viewing 😉



Coffee Talk with Filipinos: dirteaicecream


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A coffee talk with Christian Torres.

> Deviantart account


Sharing the Filipino spirit and talent around the world. 🙂

Check this article and see the artist’s personal life, see his fun stuffs, learn about the Filipino culture and get some creative tips from the artist. 🙂

Personal Life:

Hello Christian! Thank you so much for allowing me to do this interview and to let others get to know you better. Just to make things simple at this very time, tell us, how are you?

Actually, I’m a bit nervous because it’s my first time to be interviewed like this. But I guess it’s normal and can’t be helped. Another thing is I’m not that good in expressing myself in English so pardon me for grammatical errors. Lastly, I’m doing good 🙂

Tell us more about yourself.

Hi, I’m Christian from the Philippines, a student from Technological University of the Philippines taking up Fine Arts course major in Advertising. Hopefully will graduate by March next year. Most of the time, my mind is on the alpha state so prolly you’ll be having a hard to converse with me. I have a thing about cats and dogs, they’re so cute and fluffy. I eat ice cream when I’m feeling blue.

Tell us more about yourself as an artist. What tools do you use when you make new artworks?

I mainly use Photoshop in creating my crafts since it’s the software that I’m most comfortable to work with. To become a succesful freelance artist, that is my dream and I’m working my arse off to reach that.

Can you please describe your art style to us? Or is there any theme that you always consider?

I can’t really describe my art style concretely as of now as I am still in the process of discovering it. I just do and do artworks whenever I have time but I always set some guidelines to keep my style on track. That means as well that I don’t publish an artwork online if it doesn’t follow my gallery stream XD. As of the theme, I’m a huge fan of surreal works or anything that can be associated with dreamland or isolated space. I don’t know but there is a strange feeling in me each time I view those kind of artworks.

Do you have any formal trainings with arts or you just discovered that you have the skills and nurtured it?

The latter^^

When did you first discover your creative talents?

I can’t remember the exact time I discovered my talent but what I remember is I used to draw the cartoon characters in board game. My Papa used to bring lots of bond paper with writings on the front after his office hours. That was rejected papers from the office. So I drew the characters on the back page. Everything started there and the rest was history.

Can you link us to your most favorite artwork from your gallery so far? Just one Tell us why it is your most favorite one.

My Hit Girl fan art because it is my entry for the Graphika Manila book. Fortunately, it got in. For those who’s not familiar with Graphika Manila, it’s a yearly Multimedia Design conference in the Philippines.

Who are your artistic heroes or those people who inspire you the most?

Surrealists like Salvador Dali and Mark Ryden mainly influenced. Em really a fan :heart But my current favorite artist is Hikari Shimoda 🙂 I so love the way she colors

Being a Filipino We know that the world is full of amazing artists. In your own opinion, how would you describe a Filipino artist? and how are you as a Filipino Artist?

Filipino artists are resourceful in nature. I mean, Filipinos will draw without pencil/pen, will paint without oils/acrylic, will sculpt without wood or metal etc. Filipinos are masters of alternatives XD

What makes you so proud as a Filipino?

Like what I have said earlier, it’s being resourceful 🙂 Check this video out and be amazed


What specific Filipino value that you always put into your heart and mind?

What I really like about Filipinos is that they really value the concept of being a family. Whatever may happen, it’s family over everything. 🙂


: What’s your story behind your username?

dirtyicecream just popped out from nowhere. Srsly, I don’t know why I chose this as my permanent username. *laughs*

What’s your most favorite Filipino phrase/saying? Can you please translate it and further explain it so that our friends from other countries can understand it better?

Astig!” This Tagalog slang is from the inversion of the syllables in the word “tigas”, literally means “hard”.Astig is synonymous to the word cool or badass XD

Aside from being a great artist, what are your other skills?

I can breathe.

Do you listen to songs/musics while making new arts? Can you share us some of the songs from your playlist?

I do listen to music but after I finish the art. I can’t concentrate well if there are interruptions and I can’t help but to sing(and I suck at it). “The Camerawalls” band is my favorite, an indie band from the Philippines. People say they sounds like The Smiths, I don’t know and I don’t care. I just love their music.It is relaxing and deviates from the mainstream music. And it’s just right to feed your brain after raping it.

Can you share a video that you like the most? It can be from Youtube or Vimeo



This. Fantastic Planet trailer. It’s a 1973 sci-fi film. Kind of old film but really worth-watching IMHO. Watch it on youtube (Length is less than an hour and was divided into 8 parts, I think) or simply google the plot. You’ll love it if you don’t pay much attention on the technical aspect of the film. 🙂

Creative Tips

How do you handle creative blocks?

I Let it pass. I don’t work for something until the feeling to do it comes back. Browsing artworks on mags and online is a big help for me as well. This somehow refreshes my ideas.

What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?

Back track-ing my achievements both IRL and online. From re-reading people’s feedbacks to my artworks, to browsing my works that has been featured on websites. Feeding your self-esteem is not a bad thing (just don’t overdo it lol). It keeps you feel motivated and feel that your hardwork to create art isn’t a waste of time and effort. On the deeper side, whenever I finish a piece, I feel it is another accomplishment for myself. More like a self satisfaction. That’s the reason why I am still here, striving and pursuing my passion.XD Also I used to visit art exhibit 2-3 years ago, that was my way to refill my ideas and shiz. Unfortunately, school stuffs is hindering me to attend art exhibits today poor me D:.

Where do you usually get your ideas?

As I have said earlier, I’m an avid fan of surrealism so basically, all my ideas revolves around that concept. Changes are only in the elements. I’d personally suggest, especially for those who are just starting out, to do the same, it will help you build your own style and makes you identifiable.

Lastly, any message to all the people reading this interview?

Life is too short so put your dreams in action. Don’t just dream, do something to make it come true and everything else will follow. “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”- Paulo Coelho




A Problem that Cannot Be Ignored


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If you think that illegal drugs, gambling, corruption and others are some of the most mind-and-heart disturbing problems that we currently have, then don’t stop thinking. Don’t stop seeing. Don’t stop feeling. Let’s seat back and talk about something for this week regarding a problem that cannot be ignored as well:

Modern Day Slavery

Even before, slavery was already considered as a system in which people are captured (or purchased) and are treated as objects and properties and are forced to work for their own benefits. Their rights as workers were taken away from them and never let them feel the comfort of having a fun workplace where everyone gets to learn and interact with each other. Human trafficking has always been a shocking problem that is roaming around us. Forced prostitution/sex slavery and child laboring are just two of the many forms of human trafficking around us.

And what struck me the most is that, human trafficking is considered to be the third largest international crime industry, after illegal drugs and arm trafficking on first and second places, where 70% are females and almost half of the total population are children.

“Slavery occurs when one person completely controls another person, using violence or the threat of violence to maintain that control, exploits them economically, pays them nothing and they cannot walk away.”

I invite you to take a glimpse in the world around you. Think of those who are victims of human slavery. Is this the life that we want for them? Is this the kind of experience that we want for our future? How can you as a person be an agent of help to those who are victims of human day slavery?

Let’s keep them in our thoughts.




There’s always a kid in every man’s heart


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Missing the young me

Just this afternoon, I decided to buy K-zone again, partly because, I want to experience the excitement of collecting it every month again. But other than that, is a far different story. I miss the feeling of being a kid again.

K-zone has influenced me a lot. I was a dedicated K-zone collector for 3 consecutive years, starting when I was in my freshman year in high school. I can still remember the first time I bought it. It was their July issue, featuring the 6th book of the Harry Potter series.

There’s always a kid in every man’s heart

So, the excitement pushed me to buy this issue:


And yes, there are lots of things happening there! There’s also a special booklet that teaches us to draw some anime characters, like Hibari, Jin Smile





I told myself to start collecting K-zone again! Open-mouthed smile it actually inspires me with my artistic endeavors too Winking smile



Sweet Serenity


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I was browsing for some arts around deviantArt.com and found this amazing artist!

I really adore her style. From the choice of colors, the execution of the drawings, up until the amazing and cute way of drawing the backgrounds. This kind of artworks really inspire me to be better. as an artist and as a person of course 😉

One thing that I love about her artworks is the sweet feeling that I usually see whenever I visit her gallery. It’s so full of thoughts and sweet things. Makes me feel so special for some reason, maybe because, I remember someone, who is close to my heart 😀

Just look at those cute and cool pictures. Aren’t they lovely? For sure, she’s gonna be one of my inspirations now 😀 I am hoping that she inspired you too! 🙂

Check out her whole gallery here: DrRecords on DeviantArt


Skeeper ❤

A Fresh Start

Hello everyone! It’s me Skeeper! Smile Well, I moved to WordPress from Blogger, partly because, Blogger gave me sooo many experiences already and some of them are kinda… bad and embarrassing so here I am.

Yesterday was really a fun day for me. I started my day with a blood donation activity and as usual, I am happy that my classmates were also supportive with this cause. It feels good to help people Open-mouthed smile

And the Red Cross Zamboanga and Adzu gave us this badge and updated my membership card, I which, they will replace with a PVC ID soon:



The rest of the day went well. Me and my classmates went to Mang Inasal for lunch and immediately went to Astoria Regency to help the Seed Interactive team for the NAO Acquaintance Party coverage. And yes! Here’s a sample of our photobooth picture:


More pictures soon. Maybe Tomorrow Winking smile

It was albeit late when the event ended. I want to end the night with a peaceful sleep, but I still devided to check my emails and deviantArt account, then I found out that I RECEIVED MY SECOND DAILY DEVIATION! Open-mouthed smilead_rainmaker

Im happy that there are some people who think that some of my arts are worth the feature ❤ So thank you! Smile

Well anyway, I need to go now. Take care everyone!